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The Best Attorneys (Based on Their TV Ads)
One of them shape-shifts into a wolf and howls for justice.
A Network Executive Writes a Sitcom
Shouts & Murmurs by Teddy Wayne: FRANKLIN is foiled by his battle-axe mother-in-law. (Studio audience gives standing ovation for the show’s brave pro-management stance.)
Reasons That My Gut Hates Me
I ate one too many gas-station hot dogs, and that sent my gut over the edge.
Slide Show: New Yorker Cartoons June 12, 2023
New cartoons from the magazine.
Daily Cartoon: Monday, June 5th
“Welcome to the show where the ceiling’s made up and the debts don’t matter!”
Skeptics Question Whether Pence Has More to Offer Than Raw Sexual Magnetism
For years, he has wisely refused to dine alone with any woman other than his wife, fearing the havoc that his overpowering pheromones could wreak.
Daily Cartoon: Friday, June 2nd
“We’re here to deliver Jessica’s out-of-office message. You leave her alone.”
Questions That Are Key to the Electric Vehicle’s Future Success
If your electric vehicle gets struck by lightning, is that like getting a free tank of gas?
Putin Complains About the Noise
Nyet place like home.
Daily Cartoon Slide Show
Daily Cartoon Slide Show.
The Alphabet, “by” Kafka
“A” is for singing in an empty room. “C” is for toiling without end.
Updated SNICK Shows for Today’s Millennials
“Bawl That,” “Kenan & Keller,” and “Are You Afraid of Existential Dread?”
Affirmations for the Landlord Facing Adversity
I am a landlord, not a charity. Eviction is a healthy boundary-setting practice.
Here at the War-Poison Factory, We Want to Run a Progressive Workplace
Please, sleep easy knowing that you’re making war poison for a company that cares.
Cartoon Cautionary Tales
Edward Steed animates some of life’s most crucial lessons.
The Devious Mind Behind Wordle
In this comedic short, the new Wordle producer derives immeasurable joy from watching people fail.
Sticks! What Can’t They Do?
Elizabeth Zephyrine McDonough welcomes you to Stickworld in this comedic short film.
An Emoji Activist Envisions a World Beyond Words
In a comic short film directed by Dan Rosen, an activist embraces emoji-based language in a fight against literacy.
The World-Changing Trees of Vincent van Gogh
In “Van Gogh’s Cypresses,” a new show at the Met, the artist seems to bend nature itself toward his brush.
“Nausicaä,” by Frank X. Gaspar
Poetry by Frank X. Gaspar: “Maybe a spark jumped, but there is no name / for the god of fragments—there was just a fire I believed in.”
The Writer Who Insists He Knew Tennessee Williams
James Grissom says that he met the playwright and his famous muses, and quoted them extensively in his work. Not everyone believes him.