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How to Go to a Dispensary if You Grew Up During the War on Drugs
After your purchase, immediately throw the store-branded bag in the trash because you are going to smuggle the pot to your car in your underpants.
Overheard in New York: Riding the L Train
Dialogue and drollery from beneath the streets.
Party Attire: A Guide
What to wear for some common—and not so common—dress codes.
Slide Show: New Yorker Cartoons May 23, 2022
New cartoons from the magazine.
Daily Cartoon: Tuesday, May 17th
“My allergies are awful today—keep ’em coming.”
Twitter in Chaos After the Elon Musk Who Offered to Buy It Turns Out to Be a Bot
The bid for Twitter is believed to be the largest corporate takeover ever proposed by a bot, mergers-and-acquisitions experts say.
Daily Cartoon: Monday, May 16th
“Is it a market indicator when the Fed chairman’s buying scratch-offs?”
Existential Phishing Schemes
We suspect you may have no real purpose. If you have received this message in error, please send your tax documents to the address below.
Ultra-Low-Budget N.Y.C. Tours
Go on a scavenger hunt for the most repulsive thing in the city, or enjoy the thrill of an escape room at the D.M.V.
Daily Cartoon Slide Show
Daily Cartoon Slide Show.
Commonly Misheard Song Lyrics
“We built this city . . . on sausage rolls.”
The Leftovers of New York City Deserters
People leave the city all the time, often without their stuff.
What Your Indoor Plant Says About You
You have somehow killed seven of these already but you are hoping that the eighth time’s the charm.
Expensive Journals You’ve Bought Over the Years: Where Are They Now?
So many journals, so much time spent not writing in them.
The Devious Mind Behind Wordle
In this comedic short, the new Wordle producer derives immeasurable joy from watching people fail.
Sticks! What Can’t They Do?
Elizabeth Zephyrine McDonough welcomes you to Stickworld in this comedic short film.
An Emoji Activist Envisions a World Beyond Words
In a comic short film directed by Dan Rosen, an activist embraces emoji-based language in a fight against literacy.
How a Legendary Cartoonist Cast Light in Dark Times
In “Drawing Life,” directed by Nathan Fitch, the New Yorker’s George Booth looks back on fifty years of work — including the only cartoon to be published in the issue following 9/11.The story behind the film.
Kentucky Primary Map: Live Election Results
The latest results from the Kentucky primary ahead of the 2022 midterms.
Pennsylvania Primary Map: Live Election Results
The latest results from the Pennsylvania primary ahead of the 2022 midterms.
North Carolina Primary Map: Live Election Results
The latest results from the North Carolina primary ahead of the 2022 midterms.