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Israeli PM welcomes expansion of West Bank settlements
Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett has welcomed a recent decision to expand Jewish settlements in the occupied West Bank
Italy orders murder trial in case of missing Pakistani teen
A judge in Italy has ordered trial for family members of an 18-year-old Pakistani woman who disappeared last year after refusing an arranged marriage and allegedly was slain
Sweden signs NATO request, Finns to formally endorse move
Sweden and Finland have pushed ahead with their bid to join NATO even as Turkey insists it won’t let the previously non-aligned Nordic countries into the alliance because of their alleged support for Kurdish militants
War Crimes Watch: Targeting schools, Russia bombs the future
The Associated Press and the PBS series “Frontline” have independently verified that Russia has destroyed or damaged at least 56 Ukrainian schools in a manner that indicates a possible war crime
Why is Turkey wary of Nordic states' NATO bid?
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has thrown a spanner in the works of Sweden and Finland’s historic decisions to seek NATO membership
UK raises stakes in EU feud with threat to break Brexit deal
The British government says it will pass a law to scrap parts of the trade treaty it signed with the European Union less than two years ago
Zimbabwe urges sale of stockpile of seized elephant ivory
Zimbabwe is seeking international support to be allowed to sell its stockpile.
Hezbollah, allies lose their majority in Lebanon parliament
Final results in Lebanon's weekend parliamentary elections show that the militant Hezbollah group and its allies have lost the majority of parliament seats they had held since 2018
Activists ask top court to void Marcos Jr's presidential win
Human rights activists have asked the Philippine Supreme Court to block Congress from proclaiming Ferdinand Marcos Jr. as the next president, alleging that he lied when he said he had not been convicted of any crime
Pope's recipe to heal his painful knee? A shot of tequila
Doctors have prescribed a wheelchair, cane and physical therapy.
Censure vote vs Sri Lankan leader fails as crisis simmers
Sri Lanka’s governing party has defeated a move in Parliament to urgently debate a motion that would censure President Gotabaya Rajapaksa for the nation’s worst economic crisis
Mariupol fighters in Russian hands; both sides claim wins
Hundreds of Ukrainian fighters left the vast steel plant in Mariupol where they mounted a dogged last stand and turned themselves over to Russian hands
Military says shootout kills 2 Pakistani Taliban commanders
Pakistan's military says security forces have killed two local Pakistani Taliban commanders in a shootout in a former militant stronghold in the country's northwest
Nigeria’s accountant-general arrested on corruption charges
Nigeria’s financial crimes agency has arrested the country’s accountant-general, accusing him of diverting government funds worth $192.4 million
Clashes break out in Tripoli, drive rival Libyan PM away
Clashes in the Libyan capital of Tripoli have forced one of the country’s rival prime ministers to abort his attempt to seat his government there
Filipinos protest Marcos Jr.'s private Australian visit
Members of Australia’s Filipino community have protested outside a Melbourne apartment building where the Philippines’ presumptive next president, Ferdinand Marcos Jr., is reportedly visiting his son
German prosecutors seek 5 years for alleged ex-Nazi guard
German prosecutors have sought a five-year prison sentence for a 101-year-old man who is on trial for his alleged role as a Nazi SS guard at a concentration camp during World War II
Finland's Parliament overwhelmingly approves the country's NATO bid
Finland's Parliament overwhelmingly approves the country's NATO bid
Schools, offices close in Tehran as sandstorm hits Iran
Schools and government offices have closed in the Iranian capital and elsewhere in the country after yet another sandstorm blanketed Tehran
Spain, Morocco reopen land border crossings as ties improve
The land borders between Spain and Morocco at Spain’s North African enclave cities of Ceuta and Melilla have reopened after being closed for more than two years because of the COVID-19 pandemic and later a diplomatic crisis between the two countries
Eagles of Death Metal band testifies about Bataclan attack
Performers from California rock band Eagles of Death Metal are testifying in a Paris court about the night Islamic State extremists stormed their concert at the Bataclan theater

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Shakira takes on TikTok dance challenge
Shakira showed off her dance skills as she took on Jimmy Fallon in a TikTok dance challenge.
Sen. Kennedy slams 'woke' Biden appointees: 'They think Washington is America'
Louisiana Sen. John Kennedy said on "Fox & Friends" that he is pushing a resolution that would implore the administration to address issues ordinary Americans care about like inflation and crime.
Meghan Markle wears white shorts to support Prince Harry at polo tournament near California home
The Duke and Duchess of Sussex reside in California with their son Archie and daughter Lilibet.
University students protest COVID restrictions at top Beijing institution
Students protested at Beijing's Peking University last weekend over COVID-19 restrictions, including the use of a metal barrier. Social media videos of the peaceful demonstration have been largely removed by China government censors.
International groups condemn UN probe on Israel, Palestinian fighting, cite 'bias'
A coalition of over 26 international pro-Israel groups on Tuesday condemned a U.N. probe into the May 2021 Israeli-Palestinian conflict, alleging “bias” and a violation of its own guiding principles.
Iowa mother battles baby formula shortage by donating 45 gallons of breast milk
An Iowa mother is fighting the baby formula shortage by donating her own breast milk, topping 45 gallons with her donation Saturday.
American soldier trained Ukraine marines on Javelins: no practice and a 'Hail Mary' to fight the Russians
The Ukrainian engineers and Hayward had to put together a prototype rechargeable battery or face the tightest of restrictions on the use of their Command Launch Units.
Tlaib, Squad introduce resolution recognizing 'catastrophe' of Israel's creation
House members led by Rep. Rashida Tlaib introduced a resolution Monday calling for U.S. recognition of the "Nakba," a term meaning "catastrophe" typically used by Palestinians to refer to the establishment of the state of Israel.
Federal judge rules Indiana school must allow transgender student to use boys restroom
A federal judge has ruled against an Indiana school district who was preventing a transgender student from using the boys restroom.
Biden to meet Sweden, Finland leaders at White House following NATO bids
President Biden will meet the leaders of Sweden and Finland at the White House this week after both countries announced they want to join NATO.
Finland's parliament overwhelmingly votes to join NATO
Russia has pushed back on Finland and Sweden's applications, claiming they will not help Europe's security.
Texas search for escaped killer Gonzalo Lopez enters Day 6; largest concentrated manhunt in decades
The search for Texas escaped inmate Gonzalo Lopez entered the sixth day Monday in what's become the largest concentrated manhunt for the Texas Department of Criminal Justice in nearly two decades.
Pro-Russia official claims 16,000 Ukrainian troops encircled in Donbas
As many as 16,000 Ukrainian soldiers have allegedly been surrounded in Ukraine’s eastern Donbas region, a top official from a pro-Russian separatist group known as the Luhansk People's Republic (LPR) claimed Tuesday.
11-year-old NYC girl killed by stray bullet in broad daylight Bronx shooting
The New York Police Department released video footage of a shooting that led to an 11-year-old girl being fatally struck by stray bullet in the Bronx.
Pope Francis tells crowd he needs 'a bit of tequila' to help his knee pain, video shows
The pope told the crowd his latest idea for pain relief.
Naomi Judd's husband knew how 'fragile' singer was in days before her death
Naomi Judd's husband was "scared to death" over the singer's trip to Nashville for the Country Music Hall of Fame induction. Larry Strickland said he knew how "fragile" the country music star was.
Eric Swalwell blasted for calling Chinese immigrant who allegedly shot Taiwanese victims GOP's 'boy'
Twitter users slammed Rep. Eric Swalwell for an early Monday tweet alleging the Chinese nationalist Laguna Woods shooter was House Republicans' 'boy.'
Texas repo man shot while trying to repossess car, police say
A Texas man was wounded Monday afternoon after someone shot him while he tried to repossess a car at an apartment complex, authorities said.
McCormick makes final pitch in Pennsylvania Senate primary: 'Can't have' another Kamala Harris situation
Pennsylvania GOP Senate candidate David McCormick argued Tuesday that his experience is needed to fix the crises facing Americans.
Maple Leafs star Mitch Marner 'unfortunate victim of a carjacking,' team says
Toronto Maple Leafs star Mitch Marner was carjacked at gunpoint on Monday night just outside of a movie theater, according to multiple reports.

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