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Answering God's Call: A Scripture-Based Journey for Older Adults

God's call for us doesn't end when we retire. In fact, many of our biblical saints were in their later years before God called them to the adventures for which we know them: leadership, new life, transformation, healing. Their lives demonstrate that true callings are discerned not simply through reason and circumstance but also through self-knowledge and conversation with God.In Answering God's Call, spiritual director Barbara Lee uses Scripture-focused prayer to help readers connect with some of our elder saints and consider what God reveals to us through their lives. We will spend time with Anna and Abram, Simon's mother-in-law and Namaan the Syrian, a widow, a leper, a king, and a late-in-life mother-to-be, among others, who will open for us the calls to:trusthumilitystillnessforgivenessserviceradical changeletting gochoosingcaregivingcourage... Dare to receive what your life is now--and ask God how to live it best.
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