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Tired of Trying: How to Hold On to God When You're Frustrated, Fed Up, and Feeling Forgotten

What if that hard thing you’re going through is not happening to you but for you?You’ve tried it all—saying the right words and prayers, reading the right Bible verses—but nothing seems to work. What do you do when your faith doesn’t seem to be “working” anymore?Ashley Morgan Jackson is no stranger to this kind of spiritual exhaustion and discouragement. Much like the biblical character Jacob, Ashley wrestled with God, trying desperately to keep trusting Him despite her pain. It was here she found that sometimes God requires us to hold on to Him so we can let go of everything holding us back.Rich with biblical encouragement, personal story, and practical application, Tired of Trying is an invitation to wrestle—and face God in your greatest fears, pains, and unanswered questions. You’ll learn to:break out of the cycle of frustration by saying yes to wrestling;identify the lies you are believing about God, yourself, and your circumstances and replace them with truth;shift your perspective so you can choose faith, persevere, and discover God’s purpose for you.Choosing to wrestle isn’t easy or quick—but it does have purpose. What seemingly tears us down may be an opportunity to grow. God is good at redeeming heartache. When we reach the place where the only choice is to run to God or run from Him, we can hold tight . . . because transformation and blessing will come.
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