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BJU Press Biblical Worldview Homeschool Kit (KJV Version

The Biblical Worldview curriculum from BJU Press will help equip students to understand, defend, and share their faith. Using the framework of Creation-Fall-Redemption, students will apply their understanding of God and his plan to ethical topics of marriage, gender roles & family, government & politics, science, history, and arts & culture. Written from a conservative, complementarian perspective, this textbook teaches students how to apply a biblical perspective and presuppositional apologetics to the current hot button issues in our culture. Each of the 9 units in the student textbook includes three chapters. Thinking it Through questions at the end of each section provide opportunities for reflection and reinforcement of terms and concepts from the text. Chapter Reviews include questions that examine assumptions and evidence, help students develop skills in apologetics and worldview, and make connections. Scripture Memory verses are also given. All answers will need to be written outside of the text. The teacher's edition features student pages are reproduced at a reduced size; the margins around the student pages contain teacher notes. A lesson plan overview gives teachers a recommended schedule that includes days, pages to do, activities, sections, and objectives. Lesson information includes objectives, a list of materials required, lesson plan charts, answers to questions & chapter reviews, and a variety of icon-indicated teaching strategies. The student activity book provides the articles that reinforce the textbook lessons; the short readings are followed by critical thinking, comprehension, and personal reflection questions. Students learn to put their biblical worldview into practice through analysis. The student activity manual answer key features full-size student pages that are reproduced with the correct answers overlaid in pink ink. Nine unit tests are provided with a mix of T/F, multiple choice, short answer, matching, essay, and scripture memory questions. The test answer key features full-size reproductions of the student tests with the correct answers overlaid. Scripture is from the KJV translation. Grades 11-12. Parents might wish to note that this textbook addresses mature topics. This kit includes: Student Edition Textbook, KJV, 473 pages with index and glossary; softcover. Student Activity Manual, 186 pages, softcover. Student Activity Manual Answer Key, 186 pages, spiralbound softcover. Teacher's Edition 474 pages, spiralbound, softcover. Tests pad, glue binding Test Answer Key, three-hole-punched, loose-leaf.
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