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Fix It! Grammar: Little Mermaid, Teacher/Student Combo Level 6 (New Edition

In IEW’s innovative Fix It! Grammar program students hunt for and correct errors in daily passages that cumulatively tell a story. A six-year, incremental program, Fix-It! Grammar encourages students to apply new grammar knowledge in every lesson while continuing to practice what they already know. Levels continue to build on concepts taught in earlier levels.In Little Mermaid, 30 weeks of instruction cover advanced concepts, such as past-participle openers, transitions, conjunctive adverbs, verbals, active/passive voice, parallelism, and advanced punctuation. The Teacher's Manual includes the student sentences with the correct fixes, grammar notations, style corrections needed to correct or instruct students, and instructions for accessing online resources. This set includes the Teacher’s Manual (not reproducible) and Student Book (reproducible within purchaser’s immediate family). 260 pages and 206 pages, two spiral bound softcovers. Grades 9 – 12.Each weekly Fix-It exercise features the following components:Learn it: Each Learn it section covers a concept that students will practice in future passages with instructions for marking and fixing passages.Read it: Students read the day's passage and work on vocabularyMark It: Mark the passage using the guide at the top of the daily practice pageFix It: Correct the passageRewrite It: After marking, correcting, and discussing the passage with the teacher, copy the corrected passage on the lines provided or into a separate notebook.This set includes:Teacher ManualStudent Book
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