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How to Pray - A Practical Handbook

Many of us are aware of our spiritual nature, and we have a real desire and need to talk to God. Prayer, however, seems a difficult thing to do. While talking to our friends comes easily, we often think that talking to God does not. In 'How to Pray', John Pritchard takes us on a journey into prayer. He begins by showing us how to see the divine in everyday life and how to slow down enough to hear God. He makes a wealth of useful suggestions about: how to pray; when to pray; how to pray with the Bible; how to pray with the imagination; how to pray with others and how to pray when the going gets tough. Whether you are just starting out in your prayer life or want to deepen and refresh it, this practical handbook will be a constant source of ideas and inspiration. This book will be valued not only by new Christians but also by those who want to deepen their spiritual life. Church of England Newspaper
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