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Spiritual Warfare 101 Made Simple

The 101 series is an introductory teaching tool. It breaks down Gods teachings and principles making it very simple and easy to understand. This series is developed for individuals, churches, missionaries, seminars, and workshops. Spiritual Warfare 101 is the first in series of Made Simple books. This complicated subject is made simple that even a twelve-year-old can understand. With the help of this incredible book, you will no longer need to fear this subject any more. You can become a part of this good fight of faith, as you finally understand your part in this daily struggle. Mother and son authors, Bernadette and Kevin Swan, break down this complex subject in laymans terms so that everyone both young and old can understand. This book shows you: *The origin of Spiritual Warfare. *How many spirits have gone out into the world to destroy sinner and saint alike. *How the enemy works in the Human Spirit. *The difference between oppression and possession. *The armor and the weapons we have to defeat Satan. *Prayers for deliverance.
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