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The Swiss Family Robinson, Total Language Plus Study Guide

Total Language Plus: Literature Inspired Comprehensive Language Arts Curriculum is a Christian literature-based language arts program. Students will enjoy reading the excellent works chosen, and the separate elements of language arts, including spelling, vocabulary, grammar, writing, critical thinking and communication, are all based on the story for an engaging, integrated curriculum. In addition, lessons and activities stress mastery learning, rather than short-term memorization, for a broader and deeper understanding of language arts. Parents may wish to supplement with a grammar or writing program; TLP bridges the gap between knowing grammar and writing and applying it. If basic grammar or writing skills are lacking, supplementing will be necessary. This easy-to-use curriculum is great for homeschooling parents and can be used in a multi-grade setting with a few adjustments. A planning grid at the beginning of the book provides a unit-by-unit list of assignments. There is one Total Language Plus Teacher's Manual (not-included and sold-separately) for Grades 3-8; it breaks down the how's and why's of each subject, provides a sample lesson plan, offers suggestions for teaching language arts, and includes a short section on writing helps and spelling rules. Students read the chapter(s) in the book and follow-up by completing the included worksheets or perhaps using a field trip suggestion or hands-on idea. Daily Flashcard Review activities are a core component of the program, and help students master spelling words through daily practice. This The Swiss Family Robinson study guide (Grades 7-9) is designed to be used with the novel The Swiss Family Robinson by Johann Wyss, which is NOT included and must be obtained separately. It includes six units. Unit worksheets include multiple days' worth of activities, with each set focusing on a single topic: enrichment/writing, reading (comprehension), vocabulary, spelling, and grammar. Selected projects in the categories of pictures, pen-and-paper, personally thinking writing topics, and puzzles are given on the first enrichment /writing worksheets; parents can choose from the list which should be assigned. Students will copy definitions, use context clues to identify terms, answer comprehension questions, write reflective pieces, and more. One literature guide per quarter is recommended (3-5 per year depending on speed). This 6-unit study will take a minimum of 6-weeks but most likely 8+ weeks. Plan to spend about 10-15 minutes daily (approximately 5-7 pages). Grades 7-9. 109 pages, paperback. Line-listed answer key included in the back of the book. Consumable student workbook and non-reproducible (homeschooling parents using a book with multiple children simultaneously excepted).
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